Leviton Structured Media PanelChoosing Atlantic Home Entertainment to install your home structured wiring (also known as Smart Home Wiring or Future Proof Wiring) is a great investment for many reasons, including:

•    it adds instant value to your home and is a prized amenity when it comes time for resale;
•    it allows for a centralized area from which all initial cable connections for your home–voice, data, video, entertainment, security/CCTV, temperature controls, lighting, home automation and more–may be accessed;
•    it makes upgrading your home’s future wiring simpler and more affordable;
•    it makes diagnosing and making repairs to your home’s wiring systems faster and more efficient;
•    it allows for near limitless combinations and integrations between multiple home automation and electronic systems;
•    Its versatility means you can purchase different components and control systems at different times, in a more cost-effective manner.
In new construction, we work with your builder to install the wiring before the drywall goes up, ensuring an efficient, seamless performance and look when you move in. Already home? Not a problem. Our home structured wiring professionals can also work within your existing spaces.

What is structured wiring?

Structured wiring is a whole-house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and automation that integrates with the systems already in the home, anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for future home technology and smart home enhancements.

It was developed as a means to centralize and organize the miles of wiring and systems required to distribute multi-room audio/video, telephones, networking, security and automation.

Advantages of Structured Wiring

Comfort, Security and Convenience: Imagine being able to view your sleeping child in their crib from your computer at work.  Imagine watching your children playing while you work in the kitchen.

Components of a Structured Wiring System


The Structured Wiring Panel

The Structured Wiring Panel is usually located in a closet in your home.  All the services to your home, such as cable TV, DSL, phone, cable modem, security, etc., are terminated at this panel.  Then, from this panel, signals are distributed to the various systems throughout your home.

Cabling Options

Available today are high-performance cables to transfer these signals.  These are the Cat5e, Cat6 and RG6 cables that can deliver the performance you need today and in the future.  Cable runs are installed from the panel to each location in the house where the signal is to be distributed.

Multimedia Outlets

Multimedia outlets, or wall plates, are the room's source for all signals sent from your structured wiring panel.  They are convenient plug-and-play connections to access the signals sent through your high-performance cables.  Outlets can include connections for networking, phone, cable tv, audio, etc.

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